“Written by Juliette | Pictures by Daryl Stinchfield

The Robotics Club chairmen and its Firefighter team were invited to participate in the Annual President’s Breakfast on October 19, 2018. Just like the President of the US, the President of Sierra College gives an annual speech about the school’s achievements, goals, and changes. During the event, the Robotics Club members could talk to many staff members, as well as community leaders about our club, including what we do and what has been achieved. The big reason the club was invited was to congratulate the Firefighter team, which was led by Josh, in its great achievement in RoboGames last year, when they received 2nd place. During the ceremony, President of Sierra College, William Duncan, granted the Sierra College Robotics Club a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for RoboGames 2nd Place Finish. In this post you can see images of the event, including the Firefighter team, a few chairmen, our club adviser, and the recognition.”



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