Category: ArtBot
Event: Kinetic
RoboGames: A kinetic art bot is any mechanical device that has at least one moving part. A kinetic art bot performs no useful function other than entertaining the viewer. The competition is scored on a scale of 1 to 10 based on aesthetics, attractiveness of movement, and functional completeness.  
Our project: For our kinetic bot, we started with the idea of “less is more” and decided to automate a Marionette. With strings attached to the limbs and a cross, the puppet master manipulates the marionette’s movement.  We will take the ancient art of marionette to the next level by using a microcontroller, motors and programming to make our puppet move.
Team lead: Hi, I am Juliette, a 21-year-old Brazilian who is a Mechatronics major at Sierra College. I have been wanting to join the club for a long time and was just now able to do so due to schedule conflicts. Robotics is such a big part of my area of study and it is such a fun way to implement what I learn in my classes. Being a part of the club is being a part of a family of people eager to learn and go a step further, just like I want to do.  My main goal with the project is to show everyone that art and engineering can combine harmoniously.