Team updates and goals:

*be ready 2 weeks before May 4th – Friday after spring break*

  • Muscle wire: working on chassis; deciding on weight distribution; goal is to have it done by this weekend.
  • Robomagellan: LINUX learning. Intelligent Ground Vehicles (IGV)? We want a demo for the NorCal Robotics Expo. 
  • 3lb combat bot: ordered parts, some have arrived, machined some pieces with the tormach; started building | For now, meetings on Sundays @ 2pm at the Hacker Lab.
  • Fire Fighter: new team members learning the code and functioning; better communication between master and slave controllers; chassis has been worked on, and should be printed by the end of the weekend. Should be ready to move in 2 weeks. Arena has started as well | Meetings on Wednesdays @ 4:15 pm and Thursdays @ 3:15 pm at the Hacker Lab.
  • Line Follower: research process.
  • Cupcake: needs a seat and walls, but we have the materials already |  if there is no rain, there will be a work meeting at Mike’s on Saturday, March 2nd, after 10am.
  • Wonder Wagon: jackshaft was mounted.
  • Hacker Tractor: measurements have been taken for new seat; Mitch has a copy of the Power Racer series manual: if anyone wants to be in the pit, it is mandatory that they read the manual | Meetings on Wednesdays @ 12pm in V-122
  • 120lb/220lb combat bots: no progress. Possibly a work meeting in 2 weeks. Working on figuring out a time.


Juliette Le Talludec
Club Secretary

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