During RoboGames, the world’s largest robotic completion held in Pleasanton CA on April 28-29, a Sierra College Robotics Club student team competed with an Autonomous Firefighter robot and won second place. At this same event, another team representing the Sierra College Robotics Club team competed with a 120-pound combat robot.

There were 13 registered teams competing in the firefighting event, including teams from Indonesia, Egypt, Poland, Germany and the United Kingdom, according to Tony Osladil, Mechatronics Instructor, Sierra College. “The Sierra College Robotics Club team included one Computer Science major and two Mechatronics majors,” said Osladil. “During the three month period prior to competition, they worked very intensely over many evenings and weekends.” Mechatronics is a combination of mechanics, electronics, pneumatics, and hydraulics under computer control used in ATM’s, ski lifts, water treatment systems, medical lab equipment and automated manufacturing – as well as robots.


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