Team updates and goals:

*Be ready 2 weeks before May 4th – Friday after spring break*

  • Muscle wire: figuring out the chassis possibly 3D printing; needs some electronics work and organization inside the cylinder; goal is to have something running by the end of march.
  • Robomagellan: changing the name to something like intelligence ground vehicle (IGV); working with LINUX and embedded system; goal is to have bot AT LEAST moving and self navigating for NorCal Robotics Expo.  
  • 3lb combat bot: first prototype is printed with parts in; needs parts, fabrication and testing. Will compete in Berkeley on March 31st.
  • 1lb combat bot: no team officially formed yet; Josh will work on setting up a new internal tournament, after NorCal Robotics EXPO, probably Saturday after finals | Contact Josh to form team or about kits.
  • Fire Fighter: currently designing the blue-bot/chasis to hold the ultrasonics; the goal is to get every member of the team to understand the coding and setup; PCB is virtually completed; needs voltage regulators. Team meetings will happen every Wednesday starting at around 4:10 | @ Hackerlab.
  • Line Follower: no updates
  • Cupcake: there was a work day on monday; completed the wooden base; is ready to get the body on with seating; wants to prepare to run on 24V. Needs to sign up for competition at Maker Faire. Next workday, possibly on Saturday or next weekend | Contact Morgan for info.
  • Wonder Wagon:  needs work on the jackshaft, steering, body, and release mechanism. Next meeting will be Saturday, February 23 | 2pm | Zak’s house | Contact Georgia for info.
  • Hacker Tractor: needs new seat; a new bucket release structure; weight adjustment; motors need to be checked. Team meetings on Wednesdays at 12pm | Contact Mitch for location.
  • 120lb/220lb combat bots:120 needs weapon and 2 bars reattached, and pin redone; possibly a weekend of work needed in total.
    • 220 needs a lot of work, including electronics; not really in the scope; will talk to team bot’s future.

Advisor Comments

  • If anyone wants to watch, there is a High School/Middle School VEX competition on campus March 9th and 10th; NOT Sierra related.
  • There is talk about developing a Sierra MakerSpace ON CAMPUS; Updates to come. 


Minutes prepared by Juliette Le Talludec,Club Secretary

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