We were honored to be invited to the Annual Presidents Breakfast at Sierra College

“Written by Juliette | Pictures by Daryl Stinchfield The Robotics Club chairmen and its Firefighter team were invited to participate in the Annual President’s Breakfast on October 19, 2018. Just like the President of the US, the President of Sierra College gives an annual speech about the school’s achievements, goals, and changes. During the event, the Robotics…

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In the news: Sierra College Autonomous Firefighter Robot takes Second Place in the World at RoboGames

During RoboGames, the world’s largest robotic completion held in Pleasanton CA on April 28-29, a Sierra College Robotics Club student team competed with an Autonomous Firefighter robot and won second place. At this same event, another team representing the Sierra College Robotics Club team competed with a 120-pound combat robot. There were 13 registered teams…

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