What do we do?

Here is a compilation of the competitions our team enters itself into annually.



This is an event where we out our combat robots to the test and see if they can not only survive, but win in battles against other Robots.
We also compete our Firefighter Robot, which goes through a course searching for a candle flame and its main goal is to not only find the flame, but to also put it out.
This upcoming year, the team looks forward to trying to participate in more events such as RoboMagellan, Line follower, and some Art bot competitions.


Maker Faire

In Maker Faire, we are challenged to take the basic framework of a Barbie-kid car and reinforce it, speed it up, and make it so adults can competitatevly race in a section of Maker Faire called the Power Racing series. The catch f this project is that all the maintenance and extras must remain under $500.
It is possible we may want to enter some of our art bots as well, but it is still in the works as to whether or not the team will commit.

About this Club

Our Sierra Robotics team works collaboratively amongst a variety of technical and engineering students to build, program, and use robots in competitive settings. It is encouraged for students to take on specific, designated roles to help make projects run smoothly.

Team objectives:

• Encourage the pursuit of engineering and technical careers through application.
• Support our members throughout their engineering careers
• Celebrate the achievements of team members in their studies and projects.

Sierra College Robotics is a place for students interested in engineering and technical careers and this club was created to help students to network with other professionals and to gather and exchange professional information.

Who can join the group?

If you’re a member of either the student body or faculty and you are interested in robots, electronics, or simply want to learn more about robotics, we encourage you to join our club.

Recent News

Club Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2019 – Club Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2019

Team updates and goals: *be ready 2 weeks before May 4th – Friday after spring break* Muscle wire: working on chassis; deciding on weight distribution; goal is to have it done by this weekend.Robomagellan: LINUX learning. Intelligent Ground Vehicles (IGV)? We want a demo for the NorCal Robotics Expo.  3lb combat bot: ordered parts, some have arrived,…

Club Meeting Minutes

Feb 22, 2019 – Club Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2019

Team updates and goals: *Be ready 2 weeks before May 4th – Friday after spring break* Muscle wire: figuring out the chassis possibly 3D printing; needs some electronics work and organization inside the cylinder; goal is to have something running by the end of march. Robomagellan: changing the name to something like intelligence ground vehicle…

Wolverine Week February 2019

Wolverine Week — Welcome New Members

February 22, 2019

During the ASSC campus clubs Wolverines Week (2/12-2/13), students stopped by the Robotics Team booth to chat and looked at the big 120-lb combat robot and the tiny yet fierce 1-lb. combat robot on display. Please feel free to attend our weekly meeting on Fridays, starting at 11 am in room V-108. The meeting usually…

We were honored to be invited to the Annual Presidents Breakfast at Sierra College

December 23, 2018

“Written by Juliette | Pictures by Daryl Stinchfield The Robotics Club chairmen and its Firefighter team were invited to participate in the Annual President’s Breakfast on October 19, 2018. Just like the President of the US, the President of Sierra College gives an annual speech about the school’s achievements, goals, and changes. During the event, the Robotics…

Campus Clean up, 2018

October 1, 2018

On September 29th, 2018, the Robotics Club, once again, participated on the Campus Clean Up. The goal of the event, which lasted from 9am to 12pm, was to clean our campus from any trash left behind, as well as have all clubs work together. As an incentive, our Student Senate, ASSC, donated to the clubs…

Club Meeting Minutes

Club Minutes: Friday 9-7-2018

September 27, 2018

Record of Friday Club Meeting on 9-7-18. Announcements: We have a t-shirt fundraiser currently going on. One shirt for $20 or two shirts for $35. Orders are due Friday, October 5th. We are starting a team Google drive for sub-teams to store documentation in a consolidated place. Contact Mason for permission. If you do not want…

In the news: Sierra College Autonomous Firefighter Robot takes Second Place in the World at RoboGames

June 15, 2018

During RoboGames, the world’s largest robotic completion held in Pleasanton CA on April 28-29, a Sierra College Robotics Club student team competed with an Autonomous Firefighter robot and won second place. At this same event, another team representing the Sierra College Robotics Club team competed with a 120-pound combat robot. There were 13 registered teams…

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